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Understanding anxieties to better manage them!


By : Vik

About 2 years ago

Although they often seem very real to us, our anxieties are only "virtual": that is, they exist only in the form of scenarios in our minds.

One of the best ways to calm our fears is always to experience reality. To do this I invite you to make an anchor in the present: just take three deep breaths focusing your attention on your body. This allows you to become aware that the only thing that is real is what is happening now: because our body only exists in the present! 

As for our mind, it has this faculty to amplify all the anxiety-provoking scenarios concerning a possible future among an infinity of others: and we are always much more afraid of what we do not see. This is precisely where the fundamental difference between fear and anxiety lies: fear is running away if we find ourselves facing a bear in the forest. It is a perfectly adapted defense process. Anxiety is refusing to leave your home and refusing to enter the forest for fear of possibly encountering a bear!  

On this subject, Mark Twain, the author of the famous "Tom Sawyer", used to say "I've had a lot of problems in my life, most of which never happened".

What do you think? Have you ever been anxious about something that never happened?  

Giacomo Di Falcø, Psycho-oncologist.   

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