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Take back control of your life despite Asthma


By : Vik

About a year ago

How to continue your life projects despite the disease? This subject is treated by the psycho-oncologist Giacomo Di Falco in this article. (Article translated and adapted)

Chronic diseases tend to get heavy when treatments and side effects start weighing on your daily life, hindering your ability to perform certain activities.

You might feel physically too tired or even start worrying too much and are not able to resume certain activities and sports, or even go dancing, for example. The lack of freedom and power over many aspects of your life can make you feel a lot of mental and intellectual pressure. It can cause low self-esteem or loss of self-confidence.

You should know that there are no small victories when fighting a disease. This means that every little step forward to do something you love matters greatly. It is important to continue what previously made you happy, even if it is momentarily in smaller proportions compared to your life before the onset of the disease.

It's not the quantity that counts, it's the quality! When your attention is focused on an activity that makes you happy, even for a short time, your brain is in a special state that allows it to "rest", by avoiding overheating, for example, due to possible anxieties.

Think about challenging yourself by doing the activities you previously loved and in which you felt comfortable; you will quickly feel progress. For example, if you used to walk 10 km a day, start by evaluating what you are able to do today. It is better to walk 500 meters or even 200 meters than not at all! What matters is setting goals for yourself and sticking to them as much as possible. You will feel like you are moving forward, and that will cheer you up and put you in a better mental state already.

Step by step, try to get back to everyday activities you like and take back the role of actor in your life and get back to the wheel of your existence when it feels like it is escaping you.

Cela se travaille simplement et tranquillement, en réalisant de petites choses chaque jour, car ce sont toutes ces petites choses qui composent les plus grandes.

It will work out in simple ways with no pressure; just by doing little things everyday. It is the power of the little things, they matter so much and they make a big difference.

And you? What’s the little step today that you can take in the direction of what you’d really like to do and that is chosen only by you?

Giacomo Di Falco

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