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A Virtual Companion supporting you through your healthcare journey


Several Vik adapted to your needs

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Vik supports patients and relatives

How can you assist me, Vik?
I will answer your questions about your disease and provide you with the information you are looking for throughout your healthcare experience.
My wife is sick. What can I do to help her?
Relatives play an essential role in helping somebody who is sick. I can give you advice.

Personalized support

Vik supports you at every step of your healthcare journey

Do you want to set up an appointment?

Access to clinical trials

Vik makes it possible for you to participate in the most appropriate clinical trials based on your patient profile.

'Based on our discussions, I've identified several clinical trials that might interest you.'

Engaged virtual patient community

Every week, Vik shares experiences with you from other patients who have similar profile

Would you like to share the most significant moment of your illness?

Treatment logbook

Vik helps you monitor your illness (symptoms, treatment and appointment reminders, etc.)

Would you like to send your treatment logbook to your physician as a PDF?

Vik does not replace caregivers

Vik is not a replacement for a physician and its purpose is to engage patients in the management of their disease.

Who is behind Vik?

A team of experts dedicated to health