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How Asthma taught me compassion


Camille Vorain, patient & health coach

By : Camille Vorain, patient & health coach

Posted 6 month ago

I survived. I am here, standing, almost every day.

During these moments, I feel great confidence in myself. I’ve been there for ME, and I am here for ME, right now. Nobody in my entourage can really understand this feeling: picking yourself up from such a dark place.

From the outside, it is not a feat to go to into work every day, but I know how great my victories make me feel, after everything I’ve gone through. This intense amount of love for my body overwhelms me, a phenomenal compassion for myself.

Illness and Asthma will have taught me self-compassion first: learn to love myself just as I am, and treat my body that gets me through life with gentleness. It's also about developing a love for others, with their flaws, and listening to this kind and benevolent voice taking over our more malicious voices, a pround and honest moment for me.

This is when I discover the feeling of peace.

All that I lived through, these difficult months, these horrible days, these lonely weeks, the lack of physical and mental comfort, the roller-coaster of emotions and many difficult moments made me more human.
And you too will come out more humanized.

I suggest the following book: “The reconciliation: from hate to love" by Lili Barbery-Coulon. "A way to walk to your own rhythm towards better peace."