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What to do when the disease does not take a vacation?

vik asthma

By : Vik

About 1 year ago

"When you have a chronic illness, some people are surprised that you are still tired or sick.

Unfortunately, some diseases do not go away with the first vacation!

So between what we expect from the vacations, what our loved ones would like to do, and what the illness allows us to experience, there can be a difference. We can experience frustration, questioning, logistical problems and a mental burden.

So how do you deal with it when illness gets in the way? Here are my 4 tips:

1. Respect your rhythm and your needs during your vacation

Ask yourself questions that will help you analyze your needs and not overload your day: "What do I need today and how can I provide it?

2. Remember that your presence can be enough to live the sharing during your leave

Being yourself is often enough, it's not your productivity or your way of shining in society that makes you valuable.

3. Make a list of your desires!

List your most realistic desires and cultivate gratitude in simple things: going to the beach once, reading a novel, doing an afternoon activity with your loved ones...

4. Develop a new skill

Take advantage of your vacation to develop a new skill (manual, musical, linguistic activities): 10 minutes once a day can generate a feeling of "accomplishment" at the end of your vacation, even when it has been compromised by the illness.

How do you manage to have a sense of vacation, even when the disease has decided to stay?"

Camille Vorain

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