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How to prepare for the holidays with the disease?

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By : Vik

4 months ago

Whether sick or healthy, travel has always been my priority. Living with eczema (and asthma), I have left some of “my skin” in different places: Sicily, Malta, Costa Rica, Spain and Netherlands. 

I had to adapt some trips, shorten others, but I never gave up on traveling. How can we travel when illness is our travel buddy? 

I already told you about Marine Barnérias who explored several countries to better understand who she was and learn to live with her chronic disease.

However, it's not for everyone to go backpacking. So how do you know which is the right way to travel for you?

The final goal is always to experience joy, discovery and to minimize stress. Therefore, it is important to choose your trip according to criterias that are important to you. 


1. Environment and climate, which causes the least symptoms

For example, I know that being close to the ocean and in a sunny, dry climate is good for my skin and lungs. So, these are my favorite destinations! On the contrary, I must avoid mites or humid environments, and when it comes to housing, I always anticipate it.


2.    Accessibility to care

Do you need access to a pharmacy or a hospital, or even to an emergency doctor, online or in person? Ask your doctor for prescriptions with the molecules’ names. Prepare a first-aid kit and discuss your trip with your doctor to take all factors into account.

 3.    Nutrition: what impact does food have on your health? 

Today, "healthy" food is becoming more and more popular. In more and more countries, we can find gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan food. This makes traveling much easier for people with dietary restrictions. Renting an apartment can also be a solution to cook your own food and respect your needs.

 4.    Hygiene: facilities that will make your trip less anxiety-provoking

 For example, if you have digestive problems, visiting cities with many facilities nearby can make the trip less stressful. For me, who has a lot of skincare products to apply, and whose sleep can be restless (because I’m itchy), I prioritize a private room and a private bathroom. This is the price to pay for more peace and quiet.

 5.    Managing your attacks: anticipating and managing my attacks or symptoms 

For some people, planning a trip is unthinkable because symptoms are unpredictable. In this case, you can consider last minute adventures within a reasonable distance to be taken care of quickly if needed.

By acknowledging these different aspects, you will be able to design the trip that will bring you the most safety and comfort. Nothing should stop you from a little adventure.

If the backpacking trip is too unstable in terms of food and accommodations, you can imagine going on a camper van or even a cruise! 

The budget is different, but the memories will be just as good.


Finally, if you are afraid to plan, you can anticipate a location and leave space for spontaneity to respect your needs and your rhythm regarding the programmed expedition. For me, traveling is an opportunity to feel alive and to remember the magic of life. You too have the right to have beautiful experiences and to taste the joys of life, even if you have to adapt them. I look forward to reading your travel stories on social media. 


As Bruno Maltor, a travel influencer would say "and above all, don't forget to travel!"

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